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DescriptionXROS is a unique vape that brings you an unparalleled customizable experience.By adopting well-developed MESH pods and an adjustable airflow control system, XROS maximizes the effectiveness of flavor and nicotine satisfaction.The mighty power of an 800mAh battery is built into the slim body with a classic stainless design. With Type-C fast charge, it only takes 45mins to be fully charge..

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XROS is a unique vape that brings you an unparalleled customizable experience.
By adopting well-developed MESH pods and an adjustable airflow control system, XROS maximizes the effectiveness of flavor and nicotine satisfaction.

The mighty power of an 800mAh battery is built into the slim body with a classic stainless design. With Type-C fast charge, it only takes 45mins to be fully charged.
Single hand refilling with a visible pod enhances your entire experience, especially with the ability to vape by auto-draw or press-to-fire with the dual-firing mechanism.
VAPORESSO XROS, an outstanding invention devoted to crossing the limits of the existing MTL devices.

You don’t need to look any further to find your next vape. Vaporesso’s amazing new device, the XROS, is a compact, powerful vape with a user-friendly design and many options to give you the most comfortable and enjoyable vaping experience for you. No matter what you prefer from your vaping experience, it is achievable with the XROS. You can take this slim vape with you for the tastiest, strongest hits wherever you have to go.

Description of the XROS

There are many things that make the Vaporesso XROS an impressive vape. The engineers who made this device managed to get everything you could possibly want from your vape into a very small device. There is no compromise here.


The Vaporesso XROS is so compact that it will fit in any pocket, even the small fifth pocket on your jeans. However, this vape is quite powerful. You can get box mod-sized clouds from this little, unassuming vape. There are two sizes available with the XROS. The regular version is only 112 millimeters long, and the CRC version is slightly larger at 115 millimeters long.

You can get your XROS vape in any color you like. There are 10 color options: silver, matte gray, blue, sky blue, rose pink, rainbow, purple, green, gold, and gray. The rainbow, rose pink, and sky blue options are multicolored for a little more pizzaz when you’re vaping. Not only is the XROS a vape, but it is an accessory and fashion statement, as well. No matter what your aesthetic is, you will find an XROS to fit it.

One of the best things about the design of the Vaporesso XROS is how user-friendly it is. Everything is very straightforward and simple to use. The battery is built into the device, so you don’t need to worry about multiple sets of batteries or replacing damaged ones every once in a while. Also, the top-filling mechanism and clear pod make it easy to refill and avoid burnt coils. All of the potential headaches that come with vaping are eliminated with the XROS.

The Coils

Most small pod-based vaping systems come with traditional coils made from stainless steel, kanthal, or nickel. However, if you’re familiar with vaping, you may know that the best flavor and the best throat hit comes with mesh coils, which are usually only used in box mods. Box mods are widely assumed to be the best vape to use for optimal performance, but that is no longer the case. The Vaporesso XROS uses pods with built-in mesh coils for top-quality hits in a compact, easily portable, and pocketable vape.

Adjustable Airflow

Many pod-based vaping systems don’t have an adjustable airflow, which is found on box mods to change the resistance to control the vapor production. But this XROS from Vaporesso has a sliding airflow adjustment on the back of the vape. For a larger cloud, let more air in, and for higher resistance, close the airflow holes by sliding the dial back in the other direction. With the four different airflow settings, you can experiment to find the ideal resistance for you. Each inhalation will be as enjoyable as possible, and you can always change it up if you want to try something different.

Dual Firing Mechanism

Most vapes have a button that needs to be pressed to get the vape to heat up and produce vapor. Some vape pens or pod-based vapes can be activated simply by placing the drip tip in your mouth and inhaling. When you pick out your vape, you will have one or the other, depending on how the vape is designed. The Vaporesso XROS, however, can be activated by button or inhalation. You don’t have to settle for one or the other. Try out both techniques and decide which one is best for you and your vaping style.

The Battery

Despite the tiny size of the Vaporesso XROS vape, the battery that is built into the body of the vape is incredibly powerful. It is comparable to the batteries that you find in traditional box mods without the added stress of removing them to recharge and purchasing replacements for your batteries. The XROS comes with an 800 mAh battery with an output of 11–16 watts. This battery will last you all day. You don’t need to worry about recharging the vape in the middle of the day or running out of battery life while you’re out and about. The battery is recharged with a type-c USB charger that plugs into the bottom of the vape. The simplicity and power that come with the XROS from Vaporesso make it difficult to justify purchasing any other vape than this one.

The Pod

Your XROS vape will come with two different pods that you can use. The pods are clear and can hold 2 milliliters of vape juice each. The clear pod may seem like an unremarkable element of the vape, but it was designed for a very important reason. The visibility allows you to monitor the level of the vape juice in the pod at any given time. This is a huge benefit for the longevity of the coils in your vape. In pods that aren’t clear, it is easy to accidentally use the vape after the vape juice has been dried up. When this happens, the coils will burn and give an awful taste to the vape. When you’re able to see the e-liquid, you can refill as needed and never have to deal with a burnt coil again.

While both of the pods look very much alike, they are different. You need to make sure you’re using the correct pod for your desired vaping style. One of the pods has a resistance of 1.2 ohms, and the other has only 0.8 ohms of resistance. The latter is used for sub-ohm vaping, which uses a lower resistance and high airflow to increase vapor production. Your airflow adjustment on the back of the vape will come in handy when using the sub-ohm pod. However, if you’re looking for more resistance in your vape, the 1.2-ohm pod will be best for you. Give both methods a try if you’ve never tried sub-ohm vaping before.

The pods for this vape are designed specifically for the Vaporesso XROS vape. Replacement pods are available through the Vaporesso website whenever you need a new one. It is inevitable that you will need to get a new pod at some point. After being used so many times, coils inside the pod may become burnt and no longer providing the delicious flavor you’re used to. It may be damaged during an accident or get lost. You may simply want multiple pods for different types or flavors of vape juice. Whatever the reason, you are able to have as many pods as you want.

Filling Your XROS Vape

The process of filling your vape with e-liquid is as easy as possible with the Vaporesso XROS. Like many other vapes, the XROS has a top filling mechanism. The drip tip opens like a clamshell easily. All you have to do is push the tip with your thumb, and the filling holes will be revealed. Simply put the tip of your vape juice into the filling hole and fill the pod up with your favorite vape juice. You don’t need to worry about making a mess when filling the pod. You can refill anywhere, even on the go. With the extra-long battery life, you will be able to enjoy puff after puff all day long.

Safety Features

The Vaporesso XROS is an excellent device, as proven by the wonderful features listed above. However, this vape goes above and beyond with several safety features that help to make your vape experience totally worry free. The body of the mod is made from SUS304 stainless steel, which leaves you with a highly durable and corrosion-resistant coating. Not only does this protect your vape from any wear and tear that can limit the battery life, but the stainless steel also creates a lovely texture that feels great in your hand.

The engineers who designed the Vaporesso XROS used a PCTG material that creates a completely leakproof pod system. This material also assists with making the XROS vape as eco-friendly as possible. There are many other protections from potential risks built into this vape, so you can use your vape for years and years without having to worry about replacing it when it breaks.

What Comes in the Box?

When you purchase the Vaporesso XROS vape kit, you will receive everything you need to vape, aside from the vape juice itself. Even if you’ve never touched a vape in your life, this is a great vape to get you started. It’s also a great option for vapers who want to downsize without losing any of the benefits box mods offer. In the box, you will find the body of the vape that also includes the battery, a 2-milliliter 1.2-ohm vape pod, a 2-milliliter 0.8-ohm vape pod, a type-c USB charging cable, user manual, warranty card, and a reminder card. You will need to read the user manual fully before using your vape, so you understand how to do so safely. Hang on to your warranty card, reminder card, and manual in case anything unexpected happens to your vape.

Staff Pick Review

The Vaporesso XROS vape is high on the list of the best vapes of 2020, and it’s clear why. This vape has several five-star ratings from users across the country who love the longevity, control, and quality of this vaporizer. Some of the absolute best features that make this vape stand out against the competition are the powerful battery, adjustable airflow, dual firing mechanism, ease of using and refilling the vape, and the quality of the vapor produced by this small device.

With the 800 mAh battery that is built into this vape, you don’t have to stay near a power source to enjoy the delicious flavor and destressing qualities of the vapor. Sometimes, with many vapes that are currently on the market, even if you have plenty of e-juice to refill your vape throughout the day, the vape battery will die halfway through your day. With box mods, you can keep replacement batteries on hand, but vape pens and pod systems don’t have removable batteries. You need to keep them charged to use them. Rather than settling for a bulky box mod, you can invest in the Vaporesso XROS and have the best of both worlds: a pocket-sized vape that doesn’t need additional batteries but still gives you top-quality vapor, no matter what your vaping style is.

Typically, when deciding what kind of vape or accessories you want to purchase, you need to make decisions right away about how you prefer to vape. Do you like a lot of vapor? What about airflow? Are the size and discreetness concerns for you? How much work are you willing to put into the maintenance of your vape? With the Vaporesso XROS, however, you don’t need to make these decisions right away. The vapor production of the XROS vape is just as good, if not better, than the box mods that are known for maximum vapor production.

The flavor of the vapor from the XROS vape is incredible. The visibility of the pod makes it very easy to monitor, which helps you avoid burning the mesh coils. If you happen to burn your coils, the vapor will taste burnt. There is no amount of cleaning that can resolve the issue of a burnt coil. But luckily, that isn’t a concern with this vape. As long as you refill the vape when the vape juice is low, you won’t need to worry about burnt coils. The ease of refilling the pods is another wonderful feature of the XROS vape. You can one-handedly refill the vape by using the clamshell drip tip to reveal the fill hole, which the tip of your vape juice bottle will fit into perfectly. There is no risk of spilling your vape juice, meaning you won’t need to replace your vape juice as often. The XROS vape will help you save money in the long run.

It’s always best to have options. You don’t necessarily want the same thing every day, and that extends to vaping. Many vapes have specific settings that can’t be changed. This is especially true of pod-based systems and vape pens. However, the Vaporesso XROS vape gives you plenty of options, so you can change up your vaping style and have full control of the vapor that you inhale.

One of the best adjustable features of the Vaporesso XROS vape is the airflow. The airflow toggle on the back of the vape allows you to control the resistance and the amount of vapor you inhale. There are four different settings, so you can find the perfect sweet spot for your vaping style.

If you’re curious about sub-ohm vaping, which uses low resistance and maximum airflow to get the thickest possible clouds of vapor, the XROS vape is a great device that will let you try out sub-ohm vaping as well as traditional vaping. You can switch back and forth easily with the two different vape pods that come with the Vaporesso XROS vape kit.

Another option that you have when you purchase your XROS vape is the method of activation. Like many vapes, the XROS has an activation button on the front of the battery pack. You can press this button to activate the battery and heat the coils, preparing them to turn the vape juice into vapor. Alternatively, if you prefer vapes that have a simple draw activation, that is also an option with the Vaporesso XROS vape. You can simply inhale with the drip tip up to your mouth, and the battery will automatically begin to heat the coils quickly enough to vaporize the vape juice. There’s no need for the extra step of pushing the button unless that is how you prefer to use your vape.

If you’re new at vaping because you recently switched from smoking cigarettes, you may still be learning the ins and outs of vaping. If so, this device is a perfect choice for you. It’s not just for new vapers, though. If you’ve used vapes for a while and are looking to upgrade to something powerful but simple, you will get everything you need from the XROS from Vaporesso, no matter what your preferred vaping style is.

Customers who have purchased the XROS vape from Vaporesso have raved about the quality of the mouth-to-lung vaping possible with this vape. Mouth to lung is a method of getting a better throat hit from your vape. Instead of inhaling directly to your lungs, you can fill your mouth with vapor. Once you’ve gotten as much as you want, you then completely inhale the vapor into your lungs. The reason many vapers prefer this method of vaping is because it more closely resembles the feeling of smoking cigarettes than direct-to-lung vaping. For those who have made the switch from cigarettes to vaping, this technique helps with the transition. It will feel just like you’re smoking your favorite cigarette without the health risks of the carcinogens in cigarettes.

With the Vaporesso XROS vape, you can do a tight mouth to lung or loose mouth to lung, depending on what you prefer. Give both variations a try, as well as direct-to-lung inhalation, to find out which one you prefer. Rather than having to purchase an entirely different device to change up the method of vaping, you can experiment with each method with the XROS vape.

The best thing about the Vaporesso XROS vape is the fact that so much is possible with a single device. You don’t need to purchase additional attachments to get the experience you want. You don’t even need to decide between traditional or sub-ohm vaping. The XROS vape kit comes with a 1.2-ohm pod as well as a 0.8-ohm vape for sub-ohm vaping. You can go back and forth depending on what you feel like at the moment. If you decide you prefer one over the other, you can purchase additional pods from Vaporesso, so you always have a backup of your preferred pod. If you prefer sub-ohm vaping, but your sub-ohm pod needs a good clean, you don’t need to settle for a pod that doesn’t support sub-ohm vaping.

Vaporesso has gone above and beyond with the XROS vape. This tiny device packs a punch and delivers the best flavor and quality of the vapor from your vape juice. If you’re looking for your next vaping device, you won’t find one that beats the XROS. Order yours today. You won’t be disappointed.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for your next vape, look no further. This slim vape offers the same taste, cloud production, and variation that you can typically only find in larger box mods. With the simplicity of this vape, you don’t have to deal with the headaches that come with complicated vapes that require constant cleaning and replacing of all the small parts that come together to make your vape work. With box mods, you have to take the whole thing apart to care for it. Many find this worth the trouble because of the amazing performance of box mods. However, you can get the same performance from this slender, pocketable vape that requires a fraction of the maintenance of other vapes.

For any vaper, whether you’re just starting out or purchasing an upgrade, you can’t go wrong with the Vaporesso XROS. Plus, with the two-week You Love It Guarantee, there is no risk for you. If the XROS doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can return it to the store for a full refund. You won’t need to take advantage of that warranty, though, because the Vaporesso XROS has everything you could possibly want out of a pod-based vaping system.


• Well-developed Mesh Coils
• Adjustable Airflow
• Compact Design
• Dual Firing Mechanism
• 800mAh Built-in Battery
• Visible Pod

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