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Lighting up new possibilities of box mod, SCAR-18 becomes synonymous with power and performance. It is driven by the latest chipset IQ-X with stable output and outstanding efficiency and uses dual 18650 battery to provide a maximum power of 230W. The newly developed TFV9 tank comes with two V9 Meshed 0.15Ω coils that are designed for sub-ohm vaping for cloud chasers. Innovation keeps changing the ..

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Lighting up new possibilities of box mod, SCAR-18 becomes synonymous with power and performance. It is driven by the latest chipset IQ-X with stable output and outstanding efficiency and uses dual 18650 battery to provide a maximum power of 230W. The newly developed TFV9 tank comes with two V9 Meshed 0.15Ω coils that are designed for sub-ohm vaping for cloud chasers. Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!


• 1 x SCAR-18 Mod

• 1 x TFV9 Tank(6.5ml)

• 2 x V9 Meshed 0.15Ω Coils

• 1 x Glass Tube Replacement

• 1 x USB Cable

• 1 x User Manual



Are you looking for a powerful, durable mod that gives you the best flavor and the biggest clouds possible? Look no further. The SCAR-18 kit from SMOK brings the absolute best features for sub-ohm vaping. This vape has a combination of a powerful battery, top of the line tanks and coils, and a chipset IQ-X that offers various modes for your preferred vaping style. All of this takes the average vaping experience to the next level, but the SCAR-18 goes even further. Safety features, user-friendly mechanisms, and attention to the smallest details take this vape to the next level. Every detail was considered and optimized to create one of the best sub-ohm vape mods on the market.


The SMOK SCAR-18 mod is compact and portable, unlike many comparable box mods designed for heavy power vaping. Because it barely takes up any pocket space, you can bring this vape with you anywhere. The exterior body of the vape is made from a combination of a few materials. Hard metal is used to protect the interior mechanisms of the vape. The soft leather is used alongside the durable metal to add another layer of protection and soften the edges. The ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort when the vape is in your hand.

Having a stylish appearance always helps a device stand out from the competition. SMOK nailed it with the eight color options for the SCAR-18. Many of the choices include a fluid, abstract design of your chosen color. A few of them depict the fluid colors surrounding wood. Some designs are more straightforward than others, but each one is beautiful and interesting to look at. With red, blue, gold, black, and many more options, you can choose one that best fits your style and turn the vape you carry around every day into an attractive accessory.


The SMOK SCAR-18 components are quite impressive compared to those that make up other vapes. The TFV9 tank is made from stainless steel and has a gold-plated 510 connecter for the best connection between the tank and mod. This is a very sizable tank, despite the slender design of the mod. The tank measures 28 millimeters x 56 millimeters, and it weighs 62 grams. It can hold up to 6.5 milliliters of vape juice, making it one of the tanks with the largest capacity on the market.

On its own, without the TFV9 tank, the SCAR-18 mod is 88 millimeters high with a length of 30.6 millimeters and a width of 54 millimeters. It weighs 183.5 grams. The mod holds a dual 18650 battery that powers the device. The output voltage for this vape is roughly five volts, which remains consistent. Because the voltage is steady, you will notice more control when heating the coils. The input voltage can be between 6.4 and 8.4 volts. The standby current for the SCAR-18 remains below 300 microamperes, and the max charging current is 1.95 amperes.

The SCAR-18 has an ideal temperature range for properly vaporizing your vape juice. The coils can get as hot as 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The output wattage and resistance range vary depending on which mode you’re using. In variable wattage (VW) mode, the batteries can put out between 1-230 watts. In the temperature control (TC) mode, the wattage ranges from 10-230 watts. In VW mode, the resistance range is between 0.1 and 2.5 ohms, and in TC mode, it is lower, between 0.05 and 2 ohms. These low resistance coils make the SCAR-18 a perfect device for sub-ohm vapers.

European Editions

To make its excellent devices available to as many people as possible, SMOK has variations on its SCAR-18 kit for those in the EU. The 510 connections between tanks and mods are slightly different in Europe and the United States, but you can enjoy the SCAR-18 no matter which side of the pond you are on. Almost everything is the same. The only difference between the two is the compatible 510 connections.

There is also a second European edition that comes with a slightly different TFV9 tank. This EU tank is 25.5 x 50 millimeters and weighs 65 grams. It is smaller, with a capacity to hold only 2 milliliters of vape juice, but otherwise, it offers the same experience as the other tanks.

A Powerful Battery

No matter which version of the SMOK SCAR-18 you get, you will be impressed by the power this slim box mod offers. It may be surprising that the dual 18650 battery can’t be removed, like most other box mods. This design choice simplifies the battery charging process to save space while still making sure it can put out such an impressive wattage from such a compact device. The battery can release up to 230 watts, putting out plenty of energy to accomplish everything the bulkiest box mods can do, and more.

Some people might argue that replaceable batteries are better for vapes, but that may no longer be the case. The built-in battery on the SCAR-18 uses balance charging to ensure that each cell of the battery has the same voltage. This is something that other built-in batteries include but is not a feature with removable batteries in box mods. Balance-charging prevents shortages and even fires that could be started because of variable voltage within the batteries. You will never have to worry about the battery shorting or other potentially dangerous glitches when you use the SCAR-18.

Chipset IQ-X

Including the chipset IQ-X in the SMOK SCAR-18 allows the vape to be much more efficient than otherwise. With all of that battery power, it’s important to regulate it, conserve as much of it as possible, and maintain a stable output. The chipset IQ-X makes it possible for all of that to happen. There are four different modes you can set your SCAR-18 vape to. Each of these modes can be used to find the perfect level for optimal flavor and cloud production. You can find the ideal setting for whatever your personal vaping preference is.

The TFV9 Tank

The tank used by the SCAR-18 mod is not like most box mod tanks. It is designed to be used with the best mesh coils and with maximum airflow to give you the strongest, most delicious hit every time. This tank can hold a considerable amount of liquid, so you don’t need to carry around a bottle of vape juice for when you run out of juice.

TFV9 tanks don’t just perform beautifully, though. They can also add an extra pop of color to your vape setup. Just like with the mod itself, there are several colors to choose from when picking out your tank. The options include matte black, red, gold, blue, green, silver, gunmetal, sky blue, and even a seven-color gradient. If you want to go simple with the color of your box mod, you can still add a little bit of your personality with a colorful tank. It’s never a bad idea to have extra tanks for when one needs to be cleaned, so you can mix and match your tank colors as much as you want.

Easy-fill Mechanism

Refilling your TFV9 tank is simple with the convenient top fill system. With some vapes, you have to completely remove pieces of the tank so you can refill it. This can be awkward and lead to accidental spills of your favorite vape juice. Luckily, the SCAR-18 mod does not have this issue. This vape uses a sliding mechanism to easily reveal the access slot at the top of the tank and refill the vape juice.

To open and refill your TFV9 tank, pull the tank’s tip upward, then twist in a clockwise motion. You will see the access slot on the side of the central airflow tube. Carefully drip the fresh e-liquid into the slot. Be sure not to get any liquid in the airflow tube. This can damage the mod and lead to you accidentally ingesting vape juice that has not gone through the vaporization process. This can be dangerous if enough liquid is ingested. If you do happen to get vape juice in the airflow tube, be sure to clean it out immediately.

Part of what makes this tank so great at preventing leaks is the childproof safety feature. By requiring you to pull the tip of the tank upward before twisting, it is almost impossible for a small child to open it. However, if you have kids in the house, you should always keep your vape and all of your vaping products locked away and out of reach of small children. Not only does the childproof lid make it too difficult for kids to get in, but it also makes it hard for the liquid to get out. You get two benefits out of a single feature.

Gold Plated Connection

Even the smallest parts of this device have been considered. The 510 connecter is plated with gold to provide a better connection between the tank and the mod. This may seem a little too glamorous for something as small and forgettable as the connection, but there are several benefits from having a gold-plated thread connecter. First of all, the gold plating increases resistance to wear and tear. Unlike the typical connectors that become damaged over time, the connector on the TFV9 will remain as good as new no matter how often it is used. The gold plating also provides a better connection between the tank and the mod, which strengthens the electrical conductivity of the device.

V9 Meshed Coils

This vape is designed for the best vapor production possible, and the key element to making that happen is the right coil. The V9 meshed coils used in the SCAR-18 are ideal for sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing. If you want the biggest clouds and the best flavor, these are the coils for you.

V9 meshed coils are made from Kanthal, a metal alloy made from iron, aluminum, and chromium. These materials make the coils resistant to oxidation, but more importantly, it allows the coils to be used at much higher temperatures without damaging them. Kanthal can be safely used at temperatures up to 2,550 degrees Fahrenheit. They have a resistance of 0.15 ohms and a huge surface area. With a larger surface area, more of your vape juice can come in contact with the coils. Since more liquid is being vaporized with every inhale, you will receive the maximum amount of vapor every time.

Maximum Airflow

Airflow is another important factor when it comes to sub-ohm vaping. If there is too much resistance when you inhale, you will not produce a large amount of vapor. However, by making it possible for the SCAR-18 to take in as much air as possible when you take a drag, this vape is capable of some of the most impressive clouds. This is not typically expected from such a slender device.

The SCAR-18 tank has a large central airflow tube that lets the user deeply inhale when taking a drag. There is also an airflow adjustment ring at the base of the tank. If you want to change your airflow settings, twist that ring until the airflow is as open or closed as you want it to be.

An Accident Proof Vape

One of the worst feelings is when you drop your vape, killing it immediately. What’s even worse is dropping it in a puddle on a rainy day. But if you purchase the SMOK SCAR-18 vape kit, you won’t need to worry about that anymore. This vape continues to amaze. It is IP67 waterproof and shockproof. You can drop the SCAR-18 all day, though it’s not recommended, and it will still work perfectly. It can even be submerged in water without becoming damaged for up to 30 minutes. This feature is only reliable for water between 15 centimeters and one meter. The SCAR-18 is dustproof as well, so there is nothing that could get in and damage the intricate technology inside.

Now, no matter what activities you’re doing, you can bring your vape along. You can enjoy it on a rock-climbing adventure or a trip to the beach without stressing over dropping it, soaking it, or even getting sand in it. It can handle almost anything.

Safety Features

This mod is protected by the outside elements, making it perfect for on the go, active vapers, but there is even more protection within the metal and leather exterior. There are internal safety features that minimize any risk to you.

Like all electronic devices, there is a small risk of a vape malfunctioning, which can be dangerous to the user. The SMOK SCAR-18 minimizes that risk even more than other mods on the market. There are seven different protections against battery glitches that could cause your vape to spark or catch fire. These include self-adaptive power output, intelligent atomizer recognition, short circuit protection, and overheating protection.

Sometimes a vape malfunctions because of accidental user error. Overuse of the battery from chain vaping and taking long draws can take a toll on the battery over time. Vapers need to recognize when a vape battery is overheating and what to do to prevent that. Luckily, this awesome vape does all the work for you. There is a puff monitoring system that helps the battery adjust when it is being used too frequently. The SCAR-18 also has an eight-second cut off time for taking a drag. This is more than enough time to get a huge amount of vapor, and the cut off will protect your battery from becoming overworked. You should also pay attention to the low battery warning and recharge your mod as soon as you can. Fully draining the battery can shorten its life in the long run.

What the Kit Includes

When you purchase the SCAR-18 kit, you will receive everything you need to start vaping, minus the vape juice. As long as you have that, you’re good to go.

First in the kit, of course, is the SCAR-18 mod in whichever color you chose. It will come with a USB cable for recharging the batteries. There will also be a TFV9 tank that can hold 6.5 milliliters of vape juice. Inside the tank will be a pre-installed V9 meshed coil. The resistance of that coil is 0.15 ohms, so it is already equipped for the best sub-ohm vaping possible.

There will be a spare coil, which is identical to the other. After the first one has been worn down, you can replace it with the spare coil. If your coils are overdue for a replacement, you will be able to tell from the burnt taste coming from the coils.

In your SCAR-18 kit, you will find a replacement glass tube for use if something ever happens to the one on your tank. These tubes will need to be cleaned regularly, so you can switch them out whenever you need to clean one of them. These are also handy if your glass tube becomes broken somehow. A bad day can easily get worse if you don’t have a replacement for your damaged piece.

Finally, your kit comes with a user manual. Be sure to read it thoroughly so that you fully understand how to put your vape together, operate it, and take care of it over time. There is also helpful information in the manual for any potential glitches you might have to deal with. It’s a good idea to hold on to the manual in case anything happens. Sometimes an error can seem much worse than it is. You don’t want to waste your money getting it repaired if the manual tells you exactly how to fix the issue yourself.

Staff Pick Review

The SMOK SCAR-18 mod has several impressive features that make it attractive to sub-ohm vapers. The durability of this vape is hard to find in other box mods. Most aren’t shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof like the SCAR-18. It’s attention to details like these that make it appealing to users. Clearly, the engineers who designed this mod took into account the entire vaping experience and worked to resolve many of the complaints that vapers have about other box mods.

The stylish design is something that also stands out with this vape. Many brands have colorful options that catch the eye, but the color options for the SCAR-18 are unique. The combination of leather and metal adds another element of interest to the design. There is a soft side to this vape, which makes it feel almost more inviting than box mods made of cold, hard metal.

Safety is a hugely important factor, especially with reports of older vape models exploding. SMOK has taken this issue seriously. They have effectively put in every possible safety measure to prevent any shorts or surges in the battery. The engineers have even taken it so far as to implement a childproof lid. The fact that the SCAR-18 has so many safety features gives it a leg up with the competition. Other brands will need to act quickly and create their safety measures to keep up with the advances SMOK has been capable of.

All of these features are just bonuses that make this mod more enjoyable to use. The SCAR-18 is really all about sub-ohm vaping, and it achieves that better than most sub-ohm devices out there. The V9 meshed coils with the maximum surface area are paired with huge amounts of airflow to give you the largest, most flavorful clouds of vapor possible. If you’re a sub-ohm vaper looking for a new device, look no further. It will be hard to beat the SCAR-18.

Final Thoughts

The SMOK SCAR-18 box mod vaporizer is precisely what you need for optimum sub-ohm vaping. It has everything any vaper could want and more. You will be amazed by the size of the clouds this little device is capable of making. The durability, safety, attention to detail, and use of the best materials make the SCAR-18 one of the best mods on the market.

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