Vaporesso SWAG II Kit

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Vaporesso SWAG II KitPresenting the second generation of SWAG, giving you more power in the palm of your hand. By adopting a special formulated rubber coating, it is now even lighter and more durable, with a hand feel that will give you next level comfort. AXON Chip inside brings you the incredible PULSE mode, giving you 5x more power in every inhalation. The upgraded GT4 MESHED coil brings dual m..

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Vaporesso SWAG II Kit

Presenting the second generation of SWAG, giving you more power in the palm of your hand. By adopting a special formulated rubber coating, it is now even lighter and more durable, with a hand feel that will give you next level comfort. AXON Chip inside brings you the incredible PULSE mode, giving you 5x more power in every inhalation. The upgraded GT4 MESHED coil brings dual meshed cores to increase contact area giving denser more flavorful clouds. SWAG II: defining SWAG!

Ergonomic Curve
Rubber Coating
GT4 Meshed Coil
Maximum 25mm diameter tank


  • Display: 0.91" OLED Screen
  • Tank Compatibility: Max 25mm
  • Resistance: 0.03-5.0Ω
  • Output Power: 5-80W
  • Battery: Single 18650 (not included)
  • Chipset: AXON Chip
  • NRG PE Tank: 3.5mL Capacity

Vaporesso Swag II

The Vaporesso Swag is back and better than ever with the Swag II. With updated technology, added comfort, and a more efficient vaping experience, there is no doubt about the quality of this upgrade. If your first-gen Swag vape is on its last legs, or if you’re just looking for a new device, the Vaporesso Swag II will not disappoint. The ergonomic design helps the vape fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. The AXON chip will give you incredible battery-saving and vapor-producing settings. The Swag II is very gentle on the coils, which extends the coil’s life and helps you save on replacements.

There is no end to the benefits you will get with the Vaporesso Swag II. It is a great selection for any vaper.

Swag II Anatomy and Specifications

The Swag II is built similarly to many box mods that you will find on the market, with a few key differences that make this device stand out against the rest. The tank is fairly standard, with a bottom base, GT coils, a glass tube to hold the e-liquid, a top lid for filling the tank, and a drip tip. The body of the vape, AKA the mod, appears slightly different than many other mods because of the shape and the various buttons to adjust your vape’s settings.

Despite the difference between this and other box mod vapes, you don’t miss out on any of the features. The Vaporesso Swag II vape is just as impressive as the most popular box mods, if not more so.

On the box mod, you will see a 0.91-inch OLED display screen along the narrow side. Above the display screen, there is a round power button, and beneath the screen, there is a rectangular button to change the mode. On the larger side of the vape, there are up and down buttons to adjust the wattage, airflow, and other settings. You can see these settings displayed on the OLED screen, along with battery life and other important information about how your vape is functioning. You will never have to guess about your vape’s settings ever again.

The Vaporesso Swag II is capable of a wide range of power and resistance. No what your preferred method of vaping is, the Swag II will give you the best hit possible. You can raise and lower the resistance from 0.03-ohm to 5-ohm coils, meaning you can easily switch back and forth between sub-ohm vaping and standard vaping if you have the correct coils installed.

Sub-ohm vaping is done by using low-resistance coils and maximum airflow to produce larger clouds. Standard vaping doesn’t create such large clouds but still gives you a tasty, potent hit every time. If you’re not sure which method you prefer, the Vaporesso Swag II will let you test out each setting to find the best experience for you.

With this amazing vape, you can change your output power ranging from 5 watts to 80 watts. This range adds to the customizability of the Vaporesso Swag II. You can experiment with different resistance levels, coils, and power output to find the perfect balance for your vaping experience.

One of the most exciting features of the Vaporesso Swag II is the AXON chip set. This is a top-of-the-line chip set that helps your vape heat up quickly, eliminating the wait time while your coils reach the right temperature. The AXON chip also provides additional modes and helps save energy. This is what gives the Swag II an edge over the competition.

The Vaporesso Swag II is compatible with tanks that are up to 25 millimeters, meaning there is an increased capacity of 3.5 milliliters with the NRG PE tank. The Swag II is also compatible with the NRG SE Mini tanks, which have a capacity of 2 milliliters.

While the kit doesn’t come with a battery, it is compatible with 1*18650 batteries. You can find these at any vape shop near you. These batteries are rechargeable, and you can keep backup batteries for a quick replacement while you’re recharging the other set.


There are two different versions of the Vaporesso Swag II vape: the CRC and Regular. The Regular Swag II has a height of 108 millimeters, width of 25 millimeters, and length of 50 millimeters. The CRC has the same length and width, but it is a little larger with a height of 119.6 millimeters. You can get this vape in several colors, but the CRC is only available in certain shades.

You can get either version of the Vaporesso Swag II vape in silver, black, red, blue, green, or purple. The regular Swag II is also available in rose, lava, phantom, flame red, camo grey, zebra yellow, and carbon fiber. No matter what your favorite color is or how vibrant or muted your style is, you will be sure to find this vape in a design that you love.

Another thing to love about the Vaporesso Swag II vape is the ergonomic design, which includes a subtle curve along the larger side of the vape. This shape allows the vape to rest perfectly in the palm of your hand. You no longer need to worry about the corners digging into your hand while you enjoy your vape throughout the day.

The engineers who designed the Vaporesso Swag II decided to use a specially formulated rubber coating instead of traditional metal materials, which are much heavier. The rubber coating makes the Swag II vape much lighter and easy to carry around all day, but it isn’t the only benefit offered by the coating. The rubber also makes the mod highly durable, which will extend the lifespan of this device.


Whether you’ve been vaping for years or you’re a newcomer to the world of vaping after switching from smoking cigarettes, you will love the ease of use with the Vaporesso Swag II. It offers a simplified interface with a few buttons and a detailed OLED display screen. You can adjust your settings easily and always have access to important factors, such as battery life, wattage level, resistance level, and much more.

The display screen also allows you to easily troubleshoot any issues you may have with your vape, so there will be no more confusion about any common vaping problems. Usually, a little bit of upkeep will solve the problem and keep your vape working efficiently for as long as possible.

The AXON Chip

One of the elements that Vaporesso customers love is the AXON chip that helps power many of their vapes. The Swag II vape is no exception. The AXON chip offers insta-fire heating to give you delicious vapor faster than most other vapes. You will get every hit in literally no time, as the heating process only takes 0.001 seconds for instantaneous vapor. It’s practically impossible to beat that time.

The AXON chip allows you to activate pulse mode, which ensures maximum vapor with every inhale. Instead of activating the coils just once, this innovative mode creates a pulse of energy that prevents your coils from cooling off while you’re inhaling. Maintaining this heat allows more vape juice to be vaporized, creating huge clouds with each hit. If you’re a cloud chaser, this is the perfect setting for your Vaporesso Swag II vape.

If you’re an all-day vaper, you’ve probably experienced the disappointment of your vape’s battery dying with no replacement or charger nearby. You never have to worry about that again with the Power ECO setting. This is another wonderful perk of the AXON chip. If you notice that your battery is running low, you can switch to the Power Eco setting to reserve your battery for as long as possible. You can still enjoy a few hits here and there without worrying about draining the battery. This will be extremely helpful on those days when you have to wait before you get to your charger.

The Coils and Tank

There is a huge variety of tanks that you can use with the Vaporesso Swag II. With the compatibility with larger tanks, up to 25 millimeters, you can hold up to 3.5 milliliters of vape juice. However, there are several different sizes as well as compatible coils that each offer a different experience.

The Vaporesso Swag II requires GT Core coils, which create full, flavorful vapor by maximizing the interaction between the vape juice and the wick. You can get these coils directly from Vaporesso, so there is no risk of getting one that isn’t compatible with your device. Choose from coils that are either standard or sub-ohm capable, or get both to switch back and forth. You can also choose between ceramic coils and the more traditional cotton coils. There is no end to the versatility available with the Vaporesso Swag II.

One of the most impressive things about the Swag II is how easy it is on the coils. With most of the powerful vapes out there, the coils become burned out and coated with resin. Taking a hit from a vape with burned coils is not as pleasant as enjoying your vape should be. Since coils aren’t reusable and are near impossible to clean completely, you are required to buy replacement coils. This can become expensive and tedious after a while.

However, the Vaporesso Swag II vape is incredibly gentle on the coils. This is likely because of a number of reasons, but it may have something to do with the consistent heat when using pulse mode. With consistent pulses of energy keeping the coils hot while you inhale, all of the vape juice that comes in contact with those coils is being vaporized completely.

Most vapes only reach the ideal temperature for a few short seconds, meaning the coils will start to cool down while you’re still trying to inhale. That prevents much of the vape liquid from vaporizing when it comes in contact with the coils. This residual liquid thickens and gets stuck to the coils, being burnt over and over each time you use the vape, causing a burnt taste that ruins the taste of your vape juice.

Since the Vaporesso Swag II is more capable of burning all of the vape juice off of the coils, they don’t easily get coated in residue and burned out. You will be able to enjoy every last drop of your vape juice without having to go through so many replacement coils.

Replacement Coils and Tanks

If you ever need to replace your coils or tanks for your Vaporesso Swag II, you can easily do so through our website. Vaporesso’s tank selection includes NRG PE tanks, NRG SE mini tanks, the GTX tank 22. You can also purchase a glass tube on its own if the glass of your tank cracks. There are also replacements for all of the GT core coils, so you will never run out of the important pieces you need to enjoy your vape to the fullest.

You can have backup tanks and coils to switch out while you’re cleaning the other set. You can also have designated vapes for sub-ohm and standard vaping. If you use different types of e-liquid, you can use different tanks to keep your freebase nicotine vape juice separate from your salt nic.

What Comes in the Box?

The Vaporesso Swag II vape kit comes with practically everything you need to start vaping. All you need to stock up on is a couple of batteries and your favorite flavor vape juice. When you receive your Swag II kit, it will include the mod with an OLED screen and an NRG PE tank, which holds up to 3.5 milliliters of vape liquid.

You will also get two different coils. One of them, the GT meshed coil, will already be installed. There will be an extra GT C-Cell coil that you can change out for the mesh coil. The kit also includes four O-rings to put between the tank and mod to prevent leaking.

Finally, you will receive a USB charger, a user manual, and a warranty card. You need to read through the user manual thoroughly before using your new vape, so you understand how to put the pieces of the vape together, how to safely use it, how to clean it, and what to do if any problem arises.

It’s important to keep track of all the different pieces so that they are readily available when needed. Put your equipment in a designated space. Your vape juice should be kept in a cool, dry, dark place, so it can be beneficial to designate a drawer for all your vaping products. That way, you will never lose anything and always have delicious vapor clouds at your fingertips.

Staff Pick Review

The first thing you notice about the Vaporesso Swag II vape is the amazing feeling of the device in your hand. It is lightweight but feels sturdy with the hard rubber covering. It doesn’t feel flimsy or delicate like many other small vapes. The curvature of the mod is another great feature. It lets the vape rest perfectly in the palm of your hand. This makes the vape feel less bulky than most other mods. In combination with that lightweight feel and pocket-sized design, the Vaporesso Swag II is perfect for vaping on the go with plenty of discretion.

If you’ve tried out some of the smaller, lighter box mods that are similar to the Vaporesso Swag II, you may assume that this petite vape will be less powerful than larger mods. However, the Swag II packs an unexpected punch. Despite the pocketable size of this mod, it is capable of impressive power. You can create huge clouds and maximum flavor that is comparable if not better than the larger box mods. The Swag II is capable of emitting enough power for standard or sub-ohm vaping, and you can easily control the wattage and other settings via the OLED display screen. You no longer have to sacrifice the quality of your hits when you need a discreet vaping method. The Vaporesso Swag II is perfect for every situation.

The Vaporesso Swag II vape is so versatile that it caters to each and every vaper out there. If you prefer mouth-to-lung vaping (MTL), this will be perfect for you. You will be able to get the best throat hit possible, which many vapers say helps with the cigarette cravings. However, if you don’t like MTL vaping very much, you can still use the Vaporesso Swag II vape. You can also achieve perfect direct-to-lung vaping. This provides a smoother hit every time.

The versatility is one of the best things about the Vaporesso Swag II vape. With all the options available, there is a perfect combination for everyone. This is a huge perk, especially for those who are new to vaping. You can try out several different combinations of coils, tanks, and settings until you find one that works for you.

If you are a vaping pro, you can still enjoy the versatility by changing things up every once in a while. This is a good option to avoid vaper’s tongue, which occurs when your taste buds get too accustomed to the flavor and the regular inhalation of vapor. Switching up the flavor and airflow can help avoid this. If you experience vaper’s tongue, don’t worry. It’ll go away soon. Try taking a break and changing your juice, and remember to stay hydrated.

Another benefit to using the Vaporesso Swag II vape is that it is so gentle on the coils, which extends the life of your coils considerably. Even after testing the Swag II with consistent chain vaping, there is practically no burning of the coils. This allows you to use the same coils for much longer than other coils in different vapes. You don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on so many replacement coils over the years. It’s incredible how long these coils will last you, even with the heaviest use.

The AXON chip is one of the most popular features in many Vaporesso vaping devices. It truly makes a difference in the power and quality of vapor that your device puts out. The AXON chip is an amazing technological advancement in the vaping industry. With this vape in particular, the insta-fire, pulse mode, and power Eco setting, many of the common headaches that come with vaping have been resolved.

When you really need your next hit after a stressful day, you don’t have to wait for the coils to heat up. It will be good to go in an instant, saving time and getting right to the point. The pulse mode gives you the maximum effect by preventing the coil from cooling down when you take a long drag. Your hits will be bigger and stronger than ever. Power ECO helps you optimize your vape’s battery life, so you’re never left with a dead battery when you’re craving your next hit.

What is most incredible about the Vaporesso Swag II vape is that it is somehow able to do all of this with such a simple and user-friendly design. Despite the small size and ease of use, this vape is durable, powerful, and capable of whatever vaping style you prefer.

The low price seems like a steal, but it isn’t too good to be true. The Swag II is one of the best vapes currently on the market. We’re so confident you’ll love it that we’re offering a two-week You Love It Guarantee! If you have any problems with your vape during that time, simply take it back to the store for a refund.

Final Thoughts

There is so much to love about this vape. The versatility, compact and beautiful design, AXON chip features, and great power output make this a top choice for vapers. The Swag II is another great vape from Vaporesso. Purchasing this vape will not be disappointing. You will love everything the Swag II has to offer.

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