Vaporesso Gen S 220W Vape Kit

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Vaporesso Gen S 220W Vape KitGiving you an optimal version, the GEN S 220W Kit is a high-powered vaping system equipped with the new NRG-S Tank that utilizes the GT Mesh and GT4 Mesh Coils. Supported by the AXON Chip, the GEN S will impress you with the consistent flavor and dense vapor produced throughout with Pulse Mode. The well-developed chipset also breaks using boundary with its user-friendl..

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Vaporesso Gen S 220W Vape Kit

Giving you an optimal version, the GEN S 220W Kit is a high-powered vaping system equipped with the new NRG-S Tank that utilizes the GT Mesh and GT4 Mesh Coils. Supported by the AXON Chip, the GEN S will impress you with the consistent flavor and dense vapor produced throughout with Pulse Mode. The well-developed chipset also breaks using boundary with its user-friendly operating system.

  • Upgraded Mesh Coil
  • Pulse Mode
  • AXON Chip
  • Top Filling & Easy Coil Replacing

PULSE MODE --- POWERFUL & STABLE - The advanced AXON Chip brings up a responsive vape that can access an innovative Pulse Mode, boosting the installed coil every 0.02s to satisfy you with a delicate, controlled vaping experience.

ADVANCED AXON CHIP --- A CHIP THAT'S ALL-AROUND - The AXON Chip breaks using boundary for the entry-level user with the user-friendly operating system. Different modes are recommended and navigated according to automatic identification of tanks.

Pulse Mode: 27% extra flavor & cloud satisfaction

Power ECO: longer battery endurance

Smart TC: accurate temperature control

DIY: vape with manual setting

DESIGNED TO HAVE IT ALL - Made with fire resistant polycarbonate, the GEN S also has 4 x metal spray and a breathable rubber coating.


  • Dimensions: 145.5mm x 53mm x 30mm
  • Battery Capacity: 2 x 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Tank Capacity: 8mL
  • Output Power: 5-220W
  • Charging Current: 2.5A
  • Display: 0.91" OLED Screen
  • Resistance Range: 0.03Ω~5Ω
  • Coil: GT4 Meshed 0.15Ω Coil (50-75W) / GT Meshed 0.18Ω Coil (50-85W)

GT MESHED COIL & GT4 MESHED COIL --- AN UNPRECEDENTED LEAP IN FLAVOR - Both GT Meshed coils use the upgraded meshed technology to maximize interaction between e-juice and cotton, providing turbo heating performance. Powered by the Pulse Mode, it gets an unprecedented leap in flavor.

GT COILS - There's a coil for everyone. Having all the optional GT Coils to choose from brings up a wide range of styles to fulfill everyone's vaping needs. Get the dense, rich, and flavorful clouds you deserve.

  • GT4 Meshed
  • 0.15 OHM
  • 50-75W
  • GT Meshed
  • 0.18 OHM
  • 50-85W


- With a push-to-fill system, the tank can easily be refilled. The pull-n-push coil installation style is quite handy and convenient.


- Fully charged in 60 minutes, the device runs on 2 external 18650 batteries (not included), and the offers Power ECO Mode for longer battery endurance.


1 x GEN S Mod

1 x NRG-S Tank (8mL)

1 x GT4 Meshed 0.15 Ohm Coil

1 x GT Meshed 0.18 Ohm Coil

1 x Extra Glass Tube (5mL)

4 x O-Rings

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

Vaporesso GEN S

Get in line for the next generation of vaping with Vaporesso’s new GEN S. This streamlined vaporizer feels right in your hand and hits like a dream. The NRG-S tank and GT MESHED coil work in tandem with the AXON computer chip to provide smooth hits that are flavorful and consistent. The tank is conveniently top-filling, which can save you a lot of hassle. The new GT MESHED coils offer myriad benefits, like evenly vaporizing liquids, and are simple to replace. The AXON chipset offers users Pulse mode and a user-friendly interface that will please veteran vapers and ease beginners. The GEN S is a sleek addition to Vaporesso’s line of products that will improve your vaping experience pragmatically and aesthetically. The GEN S is truly a combination of smart design and advanced technology that brings you an unbeatable vaping experience.

Description of the GEN S

Vaporesso’s team designed the GEN S with the user in mind. The attention to detail proves to make this device an excellent delivery system for tasty and dense vapors. If looks could kill, it is fortunate that this vape is compact enough to hide easily in your hand. It also comes in a wide variety of colors to match your look.

Aesthetic Design Elements

Everything about the GEN S screams beauty. It will be hard to keep this short because there is so much to say. The mod is small and comes in many different colors, while the tank provides a science-fiction finish to the vape. The OLED screen is pleasing to look at, and the four-button design is elegant. Perhaps the S in GEN S stands for sophisticated, slim, and savvy.

The GEN S mod feels solid in your hand. It weighs a tiny 107 grams, about the same as a deck of cards. It is approximately 2 inches long and a smidge over 1 inch wide. This single inch of depth is home to the elegant display screen, the power button, the three small function buttons, and a micro-USB charging port. These elements fit this skinny device because it is approximately 6 inches tall (including the NRG-S tank).

The GEN S comes in 12 stunning colors. There are six uniform options and six blended options. Whether you are a fan of sophisticated simplicity or want to peacock, there is a color for you. The six solid colors are rose gold, gold, silver, black, matte gray, and midnight blue. The eye-catching, blended options include lime green (which fades into an aquamarine) and variations that fade from black into other colors (cherry pink, red, blue, green, and purple). Of course, each GEN S unit includes a tank with colored metal trim to match. The plethora of colors to choose from means it will fit anybody’s fashion palette.

The GEN S has textured front and back plates, contributing to how it looks and feels. One side has the word "VAPORESSO" on it, with the other featuring Vaporesso’s logo. The bottom of the vaporizer mod has a GEN S logo, and "VAPORESSO" appears underneath the NRG-S tank’s glass.

It is not all show for the GEN S. The look of the GEN S underlies a powerful vape that packs convenient features for the user. From the mesh coils to the internal computer, the GEN S sets a standard for vaporizers everywhere.

Functional Features of the GEN S

Vaporesso’s GEN S successfully integrates what is known to work for vapes with cutting-edge technology. Vaporesso’s line of GT MESHED coils is one of the best on the market. Packaged in the NRG-S tank, the mesh coils offer a synergy of convenience and functionality. The AXON chipset provides an integrated Pulse Mode that also delivers a stellar vaping experience to users.

Vaporesso introduced the NRG-S tank alongside the GEN S. The NRG-S tank holds 8 milliliters of vape liquid in its glass bubble tube. There is an NRG-S mini option for 2 milliliters of liquid if that is more your style. The main difference is a straight tube versus a bubble tube. The tank’s top lid slides to reveal an opening for easy filling, which means no hassle and no mess. The tank comes apart for cleaning and for replacing components. The glass tube and coils are replaceable, with an array of options for coil replacement.

The NRG-S uses Vaporesso’s GT line of coils and comes with GT and GT4 MESHED coils. Meshed vapor coils provide an advantage over traditional vapor mod coils, and you should keep using them when you need to replace the ones that come in the box. GT MESHED coils maximize the interaction between the liquid-soaked cotton and the metal. The maximal interaction minimizes the chance of burning the cotton and boosts the flavor and enjoyability. A beautiful side effect of mesh coils is their longevity: one or two spots of the mesh burning through will not render the vaporizer coil useless, as with traditional vapor coils. You should find yourself replacing them less often.

The NRG-S tank also makes replacing parts as simple as building Legos. The glass tube unscrews to give you access to the coil. You can also replace the glass tube as needed. The GT coil unscrews for replacement, as well. Just make sure the tank is empty before you start unscrewing parts, or you could end up with a mess on your hands.

Vaping to the last drop has never been more enjoyable than with the GEN S. The GEN S has a powerful output, an intelligent computer chipset, modes to match your vaping style, and easy-to-use controls. Whether you are using it as it comes or prefer to experiment with your own choice of coils and tanks, the GEN S does it all.

The GEN S provides an output up to 220 watts and accepts coils with a range of resistances (between 0.03 and 5 ohms). It provides you with all of the power to suit whatever vaping need you have. Its variability is useful in light of its spectacular built-in computer.

The AXON chipset is what makes this little beast purr. Funnily enough, the GEN S is like a tiny computer with a built-in vape. The AXON chipset gives this vape a variety of uses. The most exciting feature introduced in the GEN S is Pulse Mode.

Pulse Mode gives a boost of power to the coils for every 0.02 seconds you are vaping, responding to natural changes in the coil’s temperature and wattage that occur from air rushing past it and into your lungs. In other words, Pulse Mode gives you a satisfying, longer-lasting vape experience. Along with Pulse Mode, the AXON chipset provides space for several useful modes.

The GEN S brings Power ECO mode, Smart TC mode, and a DIY mode. The Power ECO mode uses computing to calculate an output that will make the battery last as long as possible. Smart TC mode focuses solely on temperature control for vapers who want to vape at a specific temperature. DIY mode is the perfect mode for experienced vapors, as it allows you to control everything about the vape manually.

The GEN S’ features compliment a nice 0.91-inch OLED display screen. Using the device is simple, and fortunately, it comes with a user manual. The vape turns on by pressing the power button five times and has three other buttons to access its features. These are the "menu," "+," and "-" buttons. These buttons are for scrolling through the menu, selecting options, and changing vape settings. The device is sturdy and comes ready to use.

What Comes in the Box?

The GEN S comes with just about everything you need to get started using it and then some. You only need to purchase batteries. The kit comes with a charging cable, an included tank with replacement parts, a user manual, and a manufacturer’s warranty card. The vape comes ready for use.

Conveniently, the GEN S allows you to choose your favorite 18650 lithium-ion batteries. While it might sound counterintuitive, mods with built-in batteries can be harder to service. When the batteries fail on this device, which should be a while owing to its intuitive AXON chip, you pop them out and replace them.

The GEN S comes with a micro-USB cable. Vaporesso built this device for fast charging. The GEN S allows 2.5 amperes of current, which is quite a lot of electricity flowing into the batteries. The device should go from zero to 100 in an hour. You will not be worried about whether your vape will last all day.

The kit also includes the illustrious NRG-S tank. This tank comes with two GT MESHED coils (GT and GT4), a replacement glass tube, and three O-rings. You will not be purchasing replacement parts for a while. Vaporesso also includes a user manual and warranty card in every box. Be sure to read all of the included literature to ensure you are using the GEN S safely.

Staff Pick Review

Vaporesso’s GEN S is an easy vape to get used to carrying around all of the time. If you only ever use one vape for the rest of your life, do yourself a favor and make it the GEN S. It feels right, looks pretty, and has a user interface that makes it enjoyable and easy to use. Its durability is unmatched, and the hits off of this thing are superb. GEN S provides vapers with reliable, incredible quality and goes head-to-head with the best vapes.

Whether you like puffier clouds or more intense flavors, the GEN S is a vape that does it all. It is small and discreet, too. Another thing to love about the GEN S is that it requires relatively little maintenance. You might find yourself replacing the mesh, the glass, or the batteries. Vaporesso made it extremely easy to replace the GEN S’ parts as needed and built it with longevity in mind. The GEN S should make maximum use of whatever coils or batteries you put in it.

The GEN S is polycarbonate with metal spray and a rubber coating. The polycarbonate body resists heat, which is noticeable when you slide this thing in your pocket after taking a few rips. The comfortability of the design is complemented by how easily it resists wear. The designers decided to coat the body with four rounds of metal spray. The metal spray provides increased durability and resistance to the elements. The rubber coating is a design choice that all vapes should adopt. Not only does the rubber coating look beautiful and natural, but also it gives the vaporizer resistance to grimy fingerprints and other defects. You should get your hands on one of the multicolored mods if you can. The smooth change from lime green to aquamarine is brilliant. The GEN S looks and feels spectacular.

This lightweight, slim mod fits right in the hands. Weighing as much as a deck of cards and coming in at roughly the same size, the GEN S will feel like something you have held before. It is comfortable and familiar. The GEN S has a big display for such a small mod, making it easy to read without sacrificing comfort. Of course, the buttons feel great on the hands and do not feel like they are giving out any time soon. The ease of use and the comfortability of this vape are two big selling points. Looking under the hood provides irrefutable testimony to the vaporizer’s design.

Another thing to love about the GEN S is its NRG-S tank, which combines convenience with functionality. The NRG-S tank is top-filling with easily replaceable parts. The glass tube of the tank is phenomenal. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but the glass tube lets you see how much liquid you have left. Being able to monitor vapor-liquid levels means you will never accidentally take a dry hit or burn out your cotton or mesh too quickly. The glass tank is a must for anybody who vapes regularly.

The NRG-S tank is also compatible with Vaporesso’s sweet line of GT coils. The GT MESHED and GT4 MESHED coils that come included in the box are both of unbeatable quality. The mesh coils are easy to replace, as the NRG-S can be broken down quickly by the user by design. Just by unscrewing it, you can pop out the old coil or replace the glass. Fortunately, meshed vaporizer coils last for a long while. The uniformity of the mesh means that it will still work when one part burns through. The fabric-like design of the GT MESHED coils also means even heating. The GT MESHED coils even carry a lower risk of burning the cotton wicks. These benefits provided by the coil work wonders in tandem with the innovative modes built into the vaporizer’s computer.

The GEN S comes loaded with one of the most advanced computer chips in the world of vaping: the AXON. It truly feels like the GEN S has a mind of its own, and that mind is only thinking about how to give you the best vaping experience it can. It feels like a small friend is living in the device and making it behave.

The AXON chip is responsible for the GEN S’ friendly user interface. With the 0.91-inch OLED screen and just four buttons, you have total control over the device. It is easy to set the options and to lock them in place. The simple UI would be hard to get excited about if not for the GEN S’ four unique modes.

If you are an experienced vapor, you will spend most of your time in GEN S’ DIY mode. This mode allows you to set the temperature control settings and wattage manually, which is useful for making your vape work for you. Even if you like this mode, the Pulse Mode is a sweet new feature and one that is worth checking out.

The Pulse Mode does what it says it does: It pulses. In this mode, you set the vaporizer to hit at a specific wattage, which controls how powerful the hits are. Wattage control is standard for any vaporizer. In traditional vapes, the wattage lowers throughout one hit. In Pulse Mode, every 0.02 seconds, the AXON chip reads the current wattage and pumps the juice to bring the wattage back up to the setting. These "pulses" give you longer-lasting, flavorful hits. Seriously, you will keep this device in Pulse Mode because it is just that spectacular.

Power ECO mode is a bit of a lifesaver too. Although this device charges up quickly, with its 2.5 amperes of charging current, there are times when you are going to find yourself with a low battery and no way to power up. Power ECO mode is another feature of the integrated computer chips that make the GEN S a top vaporizer. When your device gets below 40% battery, just put it in Power ECO mode and let it take care of itself. The Power ECO mode will adjust settings as needed to eke the most use out of your battery’s power.

For those vapers that enjoy using temperature control (TC) coils, this vape also has a setting for you. Of course, DIY mode is a go-to for people familiar with vaping that enjoy having control over every aspect. Smart TC mode is another option for TC coil users. In Smart TC mode, the computer chip detects what material and resistance your coil has; all you have to do is set the device to the temperature you like. It works beautifully and is a feature that should stay in all vaporizer mods.

This vaporizer’s ease of use extends even to peripheral features. The micro-USB charging is convenient, as these cables are cheap and sold at every gas station. Even so, it charges quickly enough for anyone to be satisfied. Also, the battery compartment makes replacing batteries easy, and it even includes some safety advice on the inside of the battery door. The door attaches with a magnet, and the battery spots have a tiny ribbon to make removing the batteries easy. Just make sure to buy the right kind: 18650 lithium-ion batteries do the trick. The ability to put your choice of batteries in is honestly a good thing. Not only can you pick out high-capacity batteries, but removable batteries make the device significantly less hassle to service.

You Love It Guarantee

Each GEN S comes with the Madvapes You Love It Guarantee! You can return your vape to us for a refund if there is anything not to your liking during the two weeks after purchasing it. Needing to use this warranty is unlikely, though. The GEN S is nothing but satisfying. You will fall in love with the GEN S and will probably end up buying another one for a friend.

Vaporesso also includes a warranty card for any issues with the device after the You Love It Guarantee has expired. Just contact Vaporesso as long as your claim falls within the timeframe and list of reasons outlined on the card.

Final Thoughts

Seriously, it is hard to recommend the GEN S highly enough. It comes with everything a vaper would want to include. It is beautiful looking, with an assortment of color choices. Its rubber exterior makes it feel good on your fingers. It is also compact, which means the GEN S is easy to carry around in your hand and pocket. The OLED display is nice to look at and is functionally easy to use. Whether you use the included tank and coils or your own, the device will maximize your vaping experience. The NRG-S tank that comes with the GEN S is all you will need, though. The device is also low-maintenance and easy to service. Any coil, glass, or battery replacement is easy to do at home. If you make one big purchase this year, make it the GEN S. You will not be disappointed.

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